SNAKES AND LADDERS- By Rebecca Manley (National Youth Theatre) 2018

SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS- new adaptation By Bryony Lavery (Storehouse Theatre/ Grosvenor Park Theatre) 2018

BABE, THE SHEEP PIG By David Wood (Mercury Colchester) 2018


FINDING NANA- By Jane Upton - 2017 (New Perspectives/ Nottingham Playhouse/ National Tour)

THE TORUS MOR- By Oli Birch- 2017 (Soho Theatre- Lloyd Park)

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE: THE YORK SUFFRAGETTE- By Bridget Foreman (York Theatre Royal/ Pilot)

MADE IN INDIA- By Satinder Chohan -2017 (Tamasha/ Belgrade Coventry/ Pilot/ National tour)

THE SEASON TICKET- By Lee Mattinson - 2016 (Northern Stage/ Pilot/ National tour)

A VIEW FROM ISLINGTON NORTH- Short plays by David Hare, Caryl Churchill, Mark Ravenhill, Alistair Beaton and Stella Feehily - 2016  (Associate Director, Out Of Joint)

A RESTLESS PLACE- By Juliana Mensah - 2015 (The Castle Museum. York)

IN FOG AND FALLING SNOW- By Mike Kenny /Bridget Foreman - 2015 (Bespoke Theatre at The National Railway Museum) 

GHOST TOWN- By Jessica Fisher - 2014 (Lincolnshire One Venues/ Pilot/ National tour)

CLOCKING IN- VERBATIM PLAY- Edited from interviews by Dr Tom Cantrell - 2013 (York Cocoa House, York)

RUNNING ON THE CRACKS- By Julia Donaldson - 2013 (Tron Theatre/ Pilot/ National Tour)

END OF DESIRE- By David Ireland - 2012 (York Theatre Royal)

YORK MYSTERY PLAYS- New adaptation by Mike Kenny - 2012 (Associate Director- Museum Gardens- York)

BLACKBIRD- By David Harrower - 2011 (York Theatre Royal/ Pilot/ National Tour)

PARLOUR SONG- By Jez Butterworth - 2011 (York Theatre Royal)

WHAT LIGHT- By Richard Hurford - 2011 (Pilot Theatre/ International Tour -Milan/ Dresden)

ROMEO AND JULIET- New adaptation by Juliet Forster - 2010 (Pilot Theatre/ National Tour)

WIND IN THE WILLOWS- By Kenneth Grahame - 2010 (York Theatre Royal)

THE MYSTERY OF JACK AND THE CLONES OF CHOAS- By Richard Hurford - 2010 (Pilot Theatre/ International Tour -Portugal/ Dresden)

THE FEVER CHART- By Naomi Wallace - 2009 (Pilot Theatre/ Trafalgar Studios/ National Tour)

MY FUNNY VALENTINE- By Lee Mattinson - 2008 (Live Theatre)

LORD OF THE FLIES- New adaptation by Nigel Williams - 2008 ( Staff Director- Pilot/ National Tour) 

THE BANG GANG- By Lee Mattinson - 2008 (NTC/ Edinburgh Festival)

FUNGUS THE BOGEYMAN- By Raymond Briggs - 2007 (Tour Director- Pilot Theatre/ National Tour)

THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR- Translation by Adrian Mitchell - 2007 (JAM Theatre Company, Marlowe)