You will not only feel that you know Jane's Nana, but leave with your loves ones with you ★★★★ 

Promises sepia-tinted sentiment and delivers something far harder and more truthful ★★★★ The Stage

A strong's one to remember ★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

Touching and thoughtful Exeunt

A terrific stage show that engages and elucidates Nottingham Post

Upton’s clever text and director Katie Posner’s sterling creative direction. The whole is a very moving and yet uplifting autobiographical tale East Midlands Theatre

Finding Nana (2017)


 A compelling story of the fight for equality ★★★★ Broadway World UK

An extraordinary community production ★★★★ The Observer

Everything Is Possible affirms that anything is possible when a community comes together ★★★★ The York Press

A genuine emotional punch as past and present meet again The Yorkshire Post

Made in India (2017)  

Winner of the the Eastern Eye ACTA Award for Best Production

Tautly balanced by Katie Posner's fine direction ★★★★ The Observer

Katie Posners radiant production ★★★★ Glasgow Herald

The play is a triumph of human emotion ★★★★★ Everything Theatre

The Season Ticket (2016)

A Premier League effort ★★★★ The Independent

Katie Posner's boundlessly energetic production The Guardian

A Restless Place (2015)

This is a moving show in every way; vital theatre for these troubled times. ★★★★ York Press

In Fog and Falling Snow (2015)

An unforgettable night in the museum. ★★★★ The Guardian


Katie Posner's direction is subtle and thoughtful, clearly resisting the temptation to top load the beginning with too many answers and instead trusting the strength of the story to reel us in before eventually unravelling the mystery. ★★★★- Whatsonstage

Running on the Cracks (2013)

Part detective story, part thriller, and part quest for cultural and personal identity. ★★★★Herald Scotland

All the edge-of-the-seat excitement of a thriller — one that will appeal to older teens and adults alike. ★★★★- The Times

The 80-minute narrative is fast, jump-cut and exciting... there are fine performances from the five-strong cast, with Gaylie Runciman in poignant form as Mary, and Jessica Henwick outstanding as Leo.Scotsman

End of Desire (2012)

Bed hopping, baring souls and big surprises are dished up in some style in this double bill of short, contemporary, adult dramas. York Press

Abundant with witty dialogue and amusing revelations, chockfull of relevant social issues and with copious amounts of on-set chemistry, this play delivers on every level in my book. Yorkshire Times Online

Posner’s direction is sure and accomplished, helped by speedy, precise delivery from her likeable actors. British Theatre Guide

York Mystery Plays (2012)

Many images linger: the topiary animals of a neatly tended garden of Eden, the ark scything through a sea of umbrellas. But mostly one is buoyed by the euphoric swell of many hundreds of volunteers converging to celebrate the heritage of their city. They call this God's own country: here's proof. ★★★★★ The Guardian

Blackbird (2011)

Katie Posner's production for Pilot Theatre is not for claustrophobics or the faint-hearted. ★★★★
The Guardian

Katie Posner directs this Pilot Theatre/York Theatre Royal co-production with a commendable restraint, keeping the situations fragmented and the confrontations honest.- The Stage

It is rare, in fact, that one gets an opportunity to be so hyperbolic about a production - this is by quite a long way the best piece of theatre I've seen at the Theatre Royal's Studio.- British Theatre Guide

Parlour Song (2011)

Katie Posner’s direction is delightfully unfussy and natural. Backstage Pass

Whereas Pinter loved jazz, Posner’s soundtrack is the blues, the perfect complement to the mood here, and her cast is in hot form. York Press

Katie Posner’s revival captures the Pinter-like gnomic quality and sexual tension. Reviews Gate

Combine the Studio, dynamic Director Katie Posner, a vibrant, most original script by Jez Butterworth and an innovative set design by Gem Greaves and you have all the ingredients for a successful bitter-sweet comedy. Pocklington Post

What Light (2011)

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to audiences of all ages.- Plays to See

Romeo and Juliet (2010)

Katie Posner... is a fine judge of pace and of atmosphere. The Stage

Co-directed by Marcus Romer and Katie Posner this Romeo and Juliet was a fresh, raucous and exuberant production that was performed at a rattling pace and was enthusiastically received by the young audience who whooped and stamped their feet in appreciation. British Theatre Guide

Wind in the Willows (2010)

The value of Damian Cruden and Katie Posner's production is the space it allows to the animals' sense of mystic wonderment – the encounter with the Piper at the Gates of Dawn is a trippy reminder that the many of the founders of the English psychedelic folk movement were dropping acid and reading The Wind in the Willows at the same time. ★★★★ The Guardian

Beyond the Wild Wood surroundings, the show really dazzles and captivates in its performances and characterisation, for which the whole team of writer Kenny, directors Katie Posner and Damian Cruden and performers should be commended. British Theatre Guide

The Fever Chart (2009/10)

Sensitively directed by Katie Posner Financial Times

Pilot Theatre's directors create an appropriate atmosphere for each vision. The tension evolves gradually. The revelations surprise rather than shock, which is just as it should be.- The Stage
The powerful and simple, accentuating the darkness and the fractures which surround these characters. British Theatre Guide

Lisa Came, Daniel Rabin and Raad Rawi inhabit the variety of characters with total conviction under the direction of Katie Posner in this admirable Pilot Theatre/York Theatre Royal production.
The Northern Echo

The Mystery Of Jack and The Clones Of Chaos (2009)

Katie Posner’s enchanting production...make sense of that perennial teenage question, Who Am I?
York Press

The Bang Gang (2008) 

It takes a while to tune into the deliciously twisted strain of humour prevalent in Lee Mattinson's The Bang Gang, but once you're on its wavelength, this proves a hilariously black, oblique comedy.
The Scotsman